Security & Notes for Parents


The best way we can safeguard our pupils is for adults and children to work together.  During lesson times there is a coded entry on external doors.  All parents and visitors must report to the school office at Reception.  Please do not use any other doors unless you have permission to do so.  We try to ensure that the children do not open the door for visitors (even if they know them), so please do not be offended if a child walks past you!


Arrival and Collection

Children should arrive on the premises no earlier than 8.40a.m., which is when the duty staff will be available to supervise the children.  We ask that children do not bring in things to eat before school.  Parents should be prompt in picking their children up at 3.00p.m.  If parents are unavoidably held up we ask that they telephone the school office. We also ask that you telephone us if your younger child is being picked up by another adult. Younger children are accompanied by their class teachers to meet adults at the end of the day.  We encourage all children to return into school if their authorised adult is not at school to pick them up.  Please remind your child to do this. If you see your friend’s child waiting, please send them back into school. Do not take them home as ‘a favour’ as we do not know where they are when their parent does arrive.

Children will be released from school during school hours only on receipt of notification i.e. written letter or phone call and into the custody of an authorised adult.  Please help us by collecting/delivering your child via the school office so that we know who is on site.  If there is a security issue with a specific adult, i.e. a court order which restricts/denies access of a named person, please give school a copy of any order as soon as it comes into effect.

The pavement and road outside school get very congested at the beginning and end of the day so we ask that parents bring pushchairs inside the playgrounds to enable children to stay on the pavement and not step into the road.  In bad weather parents may use the shelter in the junior playground. Parking is another issue.  Where possible we ask that children walk to school.  If they do need to come by vehicle we ask that parents do not park on the zig-zag lines even to ‘drop-off’ for a few seconds.

Visitors (including Adult Helpers)

Visitors are asked to sign in at the school office on arrival and wear a visitors badge whilst in the school.


Vehicles and dogs

Unauthorised vehicles and dogs are not allowed on the school grounds.



We operate a no smoking policy on-site and ask parents and visitors to respect it.


Summary of how adults can help.  Please:

  • Let us know if there is an issue concerning any child’s security
  • Keep us informed of any changes to your contact details
  • Write to us if you need to remove your child from school
  • Use the main entrance and report to the office on entering the building
  • Do not ask a child to open any doors to you
  • Be prompt in dropping off and collecting your child (let us know if there is a problem)
  • Do not bring dogs, cars or smoke on site
  • Be vigilant at all times – look out for all the children
  • Do not park on the yellow, zig-zag lines outside of the school gates