Supporting Children – Yorkley’s offer of Early Help:


We recognise that a child who is abused or witnesses violence may feel helpless and humiliated, may blame themselves, and find it difficult to develop and maintain a sense of self-worth.

We recognise that the school may provide the only stability in the lives of children who have been abused or who are at risk of harm.

We accept that research shows that the behaviour of a child in these circumstances may range from that which is perceived to be normal to aggressive or withdrawn.

Our school will support all children by:

  • Providing Safeguarding training at all levels.
  • Providing an Inclusion Team on site and working with Family Lives and other appropriate agencies to provide early intervention and support.
  • Offering preventative signposting, support with MAG meetings and access to a community social worker.
  • Working with the local Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH).
  • Holding Team around the Child Meetings.
  • Leading and supporting families on a CAF / EHC
  • Listening to the Voice of the Child.
  • Using Gloucestershire’s Healthy Living and Learning on-line survey. Results are monitored and interventions are put in place.
  • Encouraging self-esteem and self-assertiveness, through the curriculum as well as our relationships, whilst not condoning aggression or bullying.
  • Promoting a caring, safe and positive environment within the school.
  • Liaising and working together with all other support services and those agencies involved in the safeguarding of children.
  • Notifying Social Care as soon as there is a significant concern.

Providing continued support to a child who leaves school about whom there have been concerns. Ensuring that appropriate information is copied under confidential cover to the child’s new setting and also that the school medical records are forwarded as a matter of priority.

You can view our policy: Safeguarding and Child Protection Procedure here:


Internet Safety -September 2018

Children in Class 5 gave a presentation to parents and the whole school to support their learning about Internet Safety. They encouraged children to keep personal information private, and to report anything that makes them feel nervous or uncomfortable. They also reminded parents to monitor what their children access online. You can view their presentation here :

SCRIPT – Class 5s presentation to Parents – Internet Safety – 2018